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Vision---- to be the largest R&D&P base of Hi-Fi in the world;
Culture ---- innovative, practical, impartial, humanized;
Talents ---- all staff have their own speaking no matter who they are;
Value ---- honest, upright, aggressive, ambitious, respectful, trustworthy;
Service ----- let every customer is satisfied;  
Spirit ---- in pursuit of perfection; firm and indomitable;
Style of work ---- be efficient;
Motto ---inheriting and developing classics; no boundary or obstruction of music; thinking twice before taking action; putting the quality of products and satisfaction of customers first;
Tenet ---- making the best products and reaching top.
Objective ---- up to standard, be explicit, zero defect, no returns, 100 per cent customers satisfaction rate;
Mission ---- let every corner become music hall;
Representative color ---- dark brown.